It’s Not All Smooth Runnings As We Speak To Roy Pitluk About New Single, ‘Put A Tiger In My Tank’

The transcendent Roy Pitluk speaks to us about his musical career and new single, ‘Put A Tiger In My Tank‘.

Tell us a little about your journey as an artist and how it led you to create ‘Put A Tiger In My Tank’? 

Music, literature, and art played a seminal role in my teenage years. I started a band in high school. I listened to and played songs by Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Sam Cooke, and Ray Charles. I left college and played guitar and sang in lounges and cafes. After a long career in court reporting, I became a 24/7 caregiver for my husband. After his passing, I returned to music. “Put a Tiger in My Tank” represented the dilemmas I faced as a widower returning to the world of meeting men for companionship and pleasure. 

What was the vision for the lyrics and music video for ‘Put A Tiger In My Tank’?

I tried to express the frustration and insecurities of dating and coupling in a new role, in a new era, and in a new social environment. I saw myself with some detachment and humor, and lo and behold, Tony the Tiger popped up into my imagination. I created a narrative, meanwhile mixing metaphors and childhood TV commercials, and the image of the tiger became an image of reaching my goal, as well as an image of hunting. 

How would you describe the musical style and atmosphere of ‘Put A Tiger In My Tank’? 

This is certainly popular music. It’s upbeat, fun, rhythmic, and hopeful. The atmosphere? It’s an amalgam of deep connection, loving, and The Garden of Earthly Delights. 

Can you describe any memorable moments during the creation of ‘Put A Tiger In My Tank’? 

I had the most fun when I was doing the studio recording at Palm Springs Studios. I was recording with Michael Kolar, a studio engineer, and one of my producers, Kid Tarri. The kid has the most infectious enthusiasm! Filming the video with Nick Busco, the video artist, was a delight. He is a brilliant artist and such a swell guy. It doesn’t get better! 

Were there any specific influences or inspirations shaping the creation of the song and music video? 

First, I was slowly healing from my grief, and in that healing, there was a feeling of joy. I was so excited that I could imagine a future. I was so glad to feel passion again. I started to feel like a tiger. 

What does this song and video mean to you personally? 

This is the signature song of my first album. It is a life marker. It is about feeling the experience of L’Chaim again. It was the sign that it was okay for me to love again, to make love again. It was about throwing away the old rules. My husband would have wanted nothing less for me.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations in the pipeline that fans can anticipate? 

I have written about two dozen songs since the recording of the album ‘Tiger in My Tank’. The styles cover a wide palette, but the content is still storytelling. I weave in mythology, nature, and exploration of romantic and erotic love. There is more jazz and blues, and I continue the themes of romantic exhilaration and adoration. I plan to compose and sing more music in Spanish. I want to add more sonics to my music, and that addition will open up new ideas. My heart is full. My music will follow. 

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians? 

I am not formulaic. Creating is an organic process. Our primary family, our musical exposure, our spiritual path or intellectual path, all of these things are part of the Gestalt. To boil it down, I would say this: Honor authenticity. Take care of your physical health. Cultivate meaningful relationships that challenge you. Invite feedback, but don’t take any guff!

Watch the music video for ‘Put A Tiger In My Tank’ below, and follow Roy Pitluk online on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram.

Roy Pitluk's Premiere Music Video | "Tiger in my Tank"

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