Uncle Ryano Tells Us About His New Country Single And Video, ‘Run Wide Open’

In his video for new single, ‘Run Wide Open’, director John Chambers captures Ryan “Uncle Ryano” Reynolds giving it his all in the 99 year old theatre, The Strand, the pride of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Born in California, raised in Texas, but firmly based in Louisiana, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Uncle Ryano blasts it hard, with his signature style that’s a blend of backwoods country, swamp blues, Dixie soul, and his raw, unvarnished take on Rock and Roll. He’s an accomplished songwriter who did his dues in Nashville in the 1990s and early 2000s, and has written songs for movies, TV shows, rodeo anthems, and even the rallying cry for the Boston Red Sox.

Now Uncle Ryano has spoken with Essentially Pop, and told us a little something about his music, his sound, his inspirations, and what to expect next from him.

Were there specific experiences or emotions that influenced the writing and production process?

    Yes, primarily the realization that life moves fast, there’s never enough time, and we all need to cut ourselves some slack if our approach is unique to our goals. We are each “one of a kind” for a reason.

    What message or sensation were you aiming to convey through this track?

    Whether it’s life, love, or work..give it everything. Empty the tank on it! You have no regrets if you gave all your heart and did your best.

    What inspired the visual storytelling for this particular song?

    The beautiful diversity of people and what they are passionate about.

    Did any unexpected challenges or highlights arise during the production process?

    There were challenges with securing the theater but In the end, the team and myself pulled together and pushed until we achieved our goal. Fairfield Studios and the director John Chambers made it seem easy.

    What techniques or visuals did you use to convey the energy of the track?

    The secret sauce would be the clips of all the amazing people ripping through the video, while my shots were anchored in the historic Strand Theater, with a lot of drone shots, and of course, we can’t leave out my custom “only one of its kind” mic stand. Ha!

    How do you approach the creative process when crafting songs and conceptualizing music videos?

     Once the song has fully become what it wants to be, and we have fully realized the message and melodic emotion, the next step is identifying those who would receive the message. I mean those who it’s written for. Then, it’s about crafting a video that will honor and celebrate those people and their passion or lifestyle.

    What benchmarks or achievements hold the most significance to you in your artistic journey?

     My journey has been a long one, filled with both beautiful and painful memories. Since coming out of my 15-year retirement, I’ve honestly celebrated every single step of the return. From working in the studio with Bryan Austin Cuevas, writing the first song with Billy Ray Cyrus to collaborating with my web jedi Nick Kubik, or spending Grammy week with Malik Yusef and his “Bad Kids Klass” students in Los Angeles, it’s all been an amazing 13 months. 

    Do you plan to continue exploring similar themes or venture into new artistic territories?

    Malik Yusef and I have 2 songs that I’m very excited about and currently have in the studio. Those who know me and my past career, know all too well that I’m always evolving, stretching, and combining styles. Either as a Nashville recording artist in the 1990s, the frontman for the underground band Abel Kane (20 years ahead of its time), or now as Uncle Ryano, you can always count on me bringing the BOOM !!!!  See you soon!

    Check out the music video for ‘Run Wide Open’ below, and find out more about Uncle Ryano and his music online on his official website, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Uncle Ryano - Run Wide Open (Official Music Video)

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