The Woolfman And FC Mesmerise With Soulful Piano Rendition Of ‘My Wounded Heart’

Fresh from the entrancing anthemics of club hit-meets-love song ‘My Wounded Heart’, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist The Woolfman has returned with the unveiling of its soulful piano version. Led by the consuming vocal allure of Italian Jazz singer FC, the song is simplified to its notional minor chords, inviting listeners into an arena of undiscovered emotion.

‘My Wounded Heart’ is a stirring tale of longing, illustrating the unwavering perseverance present at a relationship’s end. FC elevates this relatable concept with a unique flair, diverting between tender and unmitigated delivery. Originally crafted in Spanish after hearing the distant lulls of classic lament ‘Quizas, Quizas, Quizas’, listeners can now experience the illusive number in its simplest yet most heartfelt form. 

Introducing sweeping layers, its alluring music video features echoes of the original, intertwined with The Woolfman playing the piano, darkly hidden behind a black hood. This crafts an underlying mystique surrounding his identity, which is embedded within the project. 

The captivating spells of ‘My Wounded Heart’ have unsurprisingly resonated with many, accelerating to the Top 10 of the Music Week Club Chart, garnering noteworthy endorsements from the likes of David Guetta, and receiving two film festival awards, including Best International Music Video at the Indie Vegas Film Festival and the winner at 1st Monthly Film Festival. The Woolfman and FC’s stunning collaboration is set to excel once again and showcase ‘My Wounded Heart’ at its finest. We can only anticipate what’s next. 

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