Originally from Galway, in Western Ireland, Laoise grew up surrounded by traditional Irish music. The 21 writes ambitious, frank, and dreamy pop songs which cover topics such as relationships and heartbreak, often with dark and moody, introspective undertones. Laoise (pronounced Lee-sha) pulls apart her own experiences and examines them with a gritty and impressive honesty and bravery. Laoise’s latst song, ‘Bother’ tells the very familiar story of a love gone wrong – a relationship that’s turned sour and spiteful.

Speaking of ‘Bother’, Laoise explains,

“’Bother’ was probably the hardest song I’ve ever written, but also the quickest. I wrote it about a relationship that was ending; it had been over for quite some time actually, and it was bumping into that person a while later that made me write the song. I sat down at the piano and within 20 minutes I had ‘Bother’, and it said all the things I wish I had said a long time ago.

It was a slow piano song for a long time before we worked with the amazing producer, Chris Bubenzer, and he really helped transform this track into the confident electro-pop track that you hear now. ‘Bother’ feels like a massive cleanse for me, and I especially can’t wait to perform it live.”

Laoise incorporates elements of synth, indie and alternative, and takes her inspiration from the likes of Kate Bush, David Bowie, and the varying musical aspects of Taylor Swift.

Find Laoise online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

LAOISE - Bother (Visualiser)

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