We Speak With Singer Songwriter And Pianist, Pete Muller, About His Musical Journey And Latest Single, ‘More Time’

Singer Songwriter and pianist, Pete Muller has been on our radar since 2019, and so we asked him to give us some ‘More Time‘ to speak about his latest single and video.

Is your music video for ‘More Time’ based on a true story?

Yes and no. The song was inspired by an interaction, but it’s more generally about the tension between commitment and attraction. How do you avoid temptation while simultaneously appreciating being tempted?

When did you first start making music?

I started playing piano when I was ten, but it wasn’t until I learned to improvise as a teenager that I felt like I was really “making” music. I started songwriting after a tough breakup and found it was a great way to get in touch with and express my emotions. These days I’m motivated to create music with the hope that it will connect with and inspire others, in the way so many great artists have affected me.

What is your musical dream or goal? Sell out a tour? Have one of your songs go #1 on the Billboard Top 100?

I aspire to make the best music I can and connect with those who appreciate it. While external rewards are nice, they’re not the goal. That said, I would be tickled pink if I ever got a Grammy nomination.

What is the number one message you try to express to your fans in your music?

Different songs express different feelings, so it’s hard to choose a single message. If I were to try to find common themes, they’d be an appreciation for the beauty and magic of the world (awe), expressing love and gratitude, and longing for spiritual connection or transcendence.

If you could collaborate with any other music artist in the world, who would it be? And why?

Working with Brandi Carlile seems like it would be a lot of fun. But I also love working with my band!

Was music always your first passion in life?

I couldn’t imagine my life without music, but it’s certainly not my only passion. I love math,, puzzles, surfing, snowboarding, running, nature, and the list goes on. My first passion? Probably math.

What music artist would you compare your music to?

Here are a few: Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Al Stewart, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison…

What do you have planned for the future in 2024? Are there any new songs or albums that you are hoping to release soon?

My sixth album “More Time” will be released this May. I have ten more songs ready to record for a new album, and I hope to begin on that shortly. In addition, I’d like to record a piano/vocal album of some of my songs from previous records.

‘More Time’ is out now. You can watch the video below, and find out more about Pete Muller and his music online on his official website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.

Pete Muller | More Time (Official Music Video)

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