Robyn McCorquodale Speaks To Us About Her Music And Latest Ballad, ‘Eagle’

We recently wrote about Robyn McCorquodale’s latest release, ‘Eagle‘. Now we catch up with the artist herself and speak about the background of the track, and her music career.

Simple question but why the Eagle?

‘Eagle’ was written for my Dad’s Celebration of Life. Dad was a very proud Life Member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He owned many eagle ornaments that he displayed in his car, home, and office. Even though he has passed from this lifetime, I feel his presence, especially when I look up and see an eagle flying above me, with open wings, like open arms, comforting, lifting me, and guiding me. Dad also embodied many attributes of the eagle that inspire me today: strength, courage, integrity, vitality, and tenacity. Although a very personal song, I hope that this power anthem will be a comfort to many people, as we all continue to move through life, with our memories, impressions, and the teachings of those we’ve lost and will forever cherish.

    How would you describe your music to someone who has yet to see it? 

    My songs are “feel good music” that aims to comfort, empower, inspire, and motivate. With honest and heartfelt lyrics from life’s lessons I’ve learned traveling the world as a solo performer, my songs reflect my values and what I have learned along my journey. One major theme of my songs is about taking personal responsibility and being accountable for one’s life, embracing one’s power to live a meaningful and self-directed life. Musically, with classical training from an early age in voice, piano, guitar, and theory, and influenced by all the musical styles I love, my songs blend elements of jazz, pop, blues, country, and classical. I especially love writing power anthems and rhythmic tunes that uplift!

    What is your experience in the music field? 

    My experience in the music field is mostly as a performer for multiple decades, traveling the world, and creating and sharing music with audiences around the globe. As a solo act, I have loved performing in duos, trios, quartets, and with big bands, showcasing pop, jazz, Broadway, and country Standards, as well as my original music. A songwriter and recording artist, I brought all my travel and performance years of experience together in creating ‘Diary of a Piano Girl: An Original Multimedia Presentation Featuring Songs, Stories, and Seven Continents’. Performed with a full band, this show features all original music and real-life adventures with photos/videos synced up to further enhance the show, which evolves as the Diary continues to be written.

    You have an almost Disney feel to your songs would you agree? 

    Yes, Disney for sure – and thank you – I take that as a huge compliment! My natural inclination is “optimism” and “possibility” which is perhaps what gives my music the Disney feel. I see the hope in today’s society and try to live each day focusing on the positive. There are so many kind acts taking place today, making our world a better place. These acts of humanity around the world inspire me and my music. Speaking of Disney, I am just at the beginning of my next video project, where I actually will transform into a “Disney-like” character – which will work well with the song title, “Go Beyond Belief.”

    What was your favourite part about the music video?

    Getting the grand piano into the woods and to the top of the mountain where eagles fly!

    What is the main theme of your song and the message to your audience? 

    The main theme of ‘Eagle’ is honouring those people who have significantly touched and impacted our lives forever, and although they might not be physically present, will always fly with us and guide and comfort us as we navigate through life. Everywhere we look, there are signs that the people we love, even if they have left this lifetime, have their arms wrapped around us at all times. For me, ‘Eagle’ is taking a deep breath, looking up at the sky, and seeing an eagle fly, my Dad.

    Would you say your music is soulful or something else? 

    I believe my songs are soulful – as they are heartfelt – with lyrics that come from an honest place – my real life experiences, reflection on those experiences, and ultimately personal growth and understanding from those experiences. I hope that they reach and resonate in the hearts and souls of others.

    What drives you to continue this music? 

    The creative process and the love for self-expression are what drive me. I love hearing and seeing a vision and then making it happen. It starts with writing a song and then producing a video. Sometimes the vision is clear from the start and sometimes it evolves during the creative process, but it is an amazing journey to experience a project from beginning to end, to give life to an idea, and to see it fly. The creative process also is very cathartic. Songwriting allows me to reflect on my thoughts and emotions which lends to self-awareness and personal growth. The visuals to create the video further challenged me to dig deep to find ways to express how I feel and the ideas in the song. Music has been an amazing passion and tool for self-discovery, expansion, and creative joy!

    You can watch the glorious music video for ‘Eagle’ below, and find out more about Robyn McCorquodale and her music online on her official websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

    Robyn McCorquodale - "Eagle" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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