PREVIEW: Rachael Sage Reworked Album ‘Another Side’

On the hunt for a dynamic blend of 70s-esque folk and heartfelt Americana? Rachael Sage’s latest album, Another Side is just the right solution. The award-winning songwriter, arranger, poet and owner of MPressRecords has revealed a delicate, acoustic version of her 2023 studio album ‘Other Side.’ Combining an intricate, experimental new arrangement with nuanced acoustic instrumentation, ‘Another Side’ is an emotionally fuelled collective of carefully crafted folk-Americana destined to take the singer-songwriter’s musical journey to impressive new heights. 

Creating a subtle, simplified version of the captivating essence of ‘Other Side’, Another Side’ takes listeners on a sonic journey, constructing the gentle familiarity of room-style acoustic performances. The inclusion of traditional folk instruments and flourishes of orchestral arrangement gives the vintage album almost medieval tendencies, returning to the earliest roots of folk music. Sage is admired for her dedication to folk-Americana and traditions whilst adopting her own signature style and presence in the process – ‘Another Side’ is truly no exception. 

Providing a detailed insight into the lyrics and the artist’s vocal abilities, the album’s meaning is stunningly complimented by the instrumentation, showcasing the melodies and alluring chord structures as stand-out features. There is a magical nature presented throughout, evoking wonder with each instrument and vocal collaboration, which includes breakthrough folk artist Crys Matthews. 

With a new addition tied to the acclaimed ‘Other Side’, Sage’s stand-alone style continues to mature and immerse new sub-genres, demonstrating the lengths of her complex songwriting abilities and unwavering talent. 

‘Another Side’ is out via MPress Records on May 17th. Catch Rachael Sage live on her US/UK Tour this May: 

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