Carolee Rainey Is Experiencing ‘Hard Times In The Heart’ With Latest Country Release

Carolee Rainey expresses her thoughts through song, and this creative outlet has proven to be her calling. With her latest single, ‘Hard Times In The Heart’, she finds meaning in the journey of a relationship that’s falling apart, and translates it effortlessly with a harmonious folk-Americana tune.

Carolee has dedicated hours to mastering an acoustic sound that clearly conveys the message she wants to share, and she has found the perfect melody by staying true to herself and what she believes. ‘Hard Times In The Heart’ is the first song she’s ever written herself, and in it she tells the story of a relationship with all its highs and lows hitting within moments of each other. There’s both pain and longing in the song, as she accompanies herself on acoustic guitar, and is backed up by a wailing violin, that captures the agony of the experience. Love is a roller coaster ride at times, and the ups can seem perfect, but then the downs take you out. For a while it’s okay, and bearable, but after a time priorities change, and the relationship along with it. Do you stay, or do you go? The roller coaster continues.

The video for ‘Hard Time In The Heart’ was shot to perfectly match the tenor of the song, with Carolee backed by an overcast sky as she stands on a blustery shore. She immerses herself in the atmosphere, juxtaposed with clips of a couple clearly in love, but as the days go by, becoming more frustrated and dissatisfied with each other. The wind and mist behind Carolee provide an exquisite backdrop to the song and its storyline.

Watch the music video for ‘Hard Times In The Heart’ below, and find out more about Carolee Rainey and her music online on her official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Carolee Rainey - Hard Times in the Heart (Official Video)

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