Premiere: Long Time Indie Rocker Eddie Cohn Shows There’s Still Angels Among Us With Stunning Release, ‘Who Or What I Was Before’

He might have originally come from Cleveland, but Eddie Cohn has long since made the City of Angels his home, and it shows in every part of his creative life.

Cohn’s latest single and video, ‘Who Or What I Was Before’, rocks straight out of the gate, with a drumbeat that doesn’t stop, along with strident guitars that support his expressive vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Starting out at just 3 years old, Eddie discovered he had a natural ability and passion for music, playing on the family piano. He then expanded his repertoire to include guitar and drums; all the more incredible considering he was at the same time battling serious health issues.

Once Eddie hit college, he was introduced by a roommate to the Seattle music scene, and, with his passion inflamed by bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, Eddie started writing his own songs, plumbing the depths of his own experiences, and putting them into words and music. He’s taken that a step or two further since then – Eddie has also expanded into podcasting, writing novels, DJing, and teaching yoga, enabling him to have an even deeper connection with his audience.

Of course, this isn’t the first time you’ll have heard of us speaking about Eddie Cohn. We’ve written about two of his previous releases, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Animals’, back in 2021. He’s got four full-length albums under his belt, all of which serve as an excellent means by which to trace his development as both a musician and a social commentator. For his next move though, Eddie is going back to his roots, and tapping into that Seattle sound he first fell in love with back in college, the grunge-fuelled rock of the 90s. ‘Who Or What I Was Before’ is the first of these releases, which he plans on dropping every other month, to show his fans the path he’s following.

Cohn’s voice is poetic, the lyrics imbued with deep meaning and emotion. The rumbling drums and moody electric guitars call to mind not just the PNW vibe, but the underground music of the 90s as a whole. Cohn expresses the desire to break free from old inner archetypes, and with vibrant energy, he exposes the internal growth he’s achieved.

The music video for ‘Who Or What I Was Before’, directed by Cohn’s frequent collaborator, Leslie Andrew Ridings, and serves as an homage to Eddie’s adopted hometown of LA. We take what feels like an intimate walk with Cohn, strolling over bridges, past graffiti-covered overpasses, freeways, and road-signs showing the way to iconic destinations, such as Dodger Stadium. All the while, Eddie Cohn takes us on a sonic journey through time, and his mind, bringing a message of hope, and desire, that feels both deeply personal and highly accessible at the same time.

Watch the music video for ‘Who Or What I Was Before’ below, and find out more about Eddie Cohn and his music online on his official website, YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Eddie Cohn - Who or What I Was Before (Official Music Video)

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