Cheflodeezy Brings A Sizzling Fusion Of Sound In New Release, ‘Ecstacy’ (feat. TeeJay)

Musician Cheflodeezy is excitable and propulsive, and his performances are a showcase for his risk-taking and inexhaustible energy. but at the same time, he lets his fans know that he’s stable and incredibly grounded.

His undeniable talent, imagination, and his nigh-on unshakable confidence in himself all help, but above all else, Cheflodeezy is a Miami rapper, and, importantly, Miami rappers don’t fall.

With new release, ‘Ecstacy’, Cheflodeezy gives his listeners exactly what they want, seamlessly combining styles, all while going as hard as he can. A blend of hip-hop, Afrobeats, and Nigerian pop, dancehall, and reggae, ‘Ecstacy’ all comes together as one perfect piece, using modern production techniques and vocal processing. Cheflodeezy brings his sumptuous yet raw rhymes to the table, burning through them with both an urgency and economy that’s seen him rise up as a name to watch in the South Florida independent music scene. After the first verse, he lets Jamaican star TeeJay take the mic, with their voices blending perfectly; one fiery and pleading, the other bringing an ocean breeze and gorgeous melodies.

Directed by Steven Bernard, the video for ‘Ecstacy’ sees Cheflodeezy given the opportunity to show off his home town. He’s rapping in front of neon Miami signs (as well as a neon palm tree), using his body movements to give extra emphasis to his words. In other shots, the rapper is found in a corridor that looks all the world to have been made of crumpled silver foil. Dancers respond to the tumultuous beat, the beautiful synths, and Cheflodeezy’s own delivery. We’re sent down a tunnel of Finally, we’re sent down a long tunnel of pure white light. The music is intense, the beats are spectacular, the result, is perfection.

You can watch the music video for ‘Ecstacy’ below, and find out more about Cheflodeezy and his music online on his official website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Cheflodeezy - Ecstacy (Feat. TeeJay) [Official Music Video]



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