The Essential Advent Calendar – December 11: brother bird Releases A Holiday 7-Inch Of Two Nada Surf Covers With, ‘Blonde on Blonde’, ft. Kevin Devine, And, ‘Inside Of Love’

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, brother bird has released a Holiday 7-inch of two Nada Surf covers, “Blonde on Blonde” (featuring Kevin Devine) and “Inside Of Love” via Easy Does It Records. The videos premiered at Brooklyn Vegan – watch here.

In discussing “blonde on blonde,” Caroline said, “towards the end of September 2023, Kevin Devine came down to write with me for a few days- I had been toying with the idea of recording another cover off ‘let go’ as a split 7” alongside ‘inside of love’ for a bit…  I brought the idea up to kevin and he VERY graciously jumped on board.. we ended up covering ‘blonde on blonde’ in my shitty little studio closet before he left. kevin is one of my favourite artists of all time and a dear dear friend. it’s a real honour to have him on anything.” Stream here.

Kevin Devine adds, “I was thrilled when Caroline approached me about covering “Blonde On Blonde” together. I truly love her, love her music – not hyperbole, I think she’s a special singer and writer and performer and it’s scary in the best way to keep watching her make these quantum leaps every time she approaches something new – love the song, and love Nada Surf, a canonically excellent band who are also some of my favorite people. I’m really happy with what we made – faithful with its own pulse, pretty with subtle idiosyncrasies. We hope you think so, too. Thank you, as always.”

“‘let go’ by nada surf is a big record for me,” she continues when describing, “inside of love.” it’s been in pretty consistent rotation most of my life. when I started working with my pal/producer, Owen Lewis, we didn’t really know we were making an album, we just wanted to see if we worked well together, so we just made a bunch of stuff. all the time. We talked a lot about music and what we liked and learned pretty quickly that we’re both mega fans of that record. We thought it’d be cool to take a swing at ‘inside of love’. It ended up actually being on my sophomore LP, ‘another year,’ up until we got it mastered. It became pretty important to me to keep that collection of songs as originals, but I knew I’d release the cover in some form down the line.”

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