EtaCas Tell The Story Of Two People Who Are Standing Against The World With Their New Single Release, ‘Sin Eater’

Comprising Rob Reng and Jefferson Duke, EtaCas are a UK duo whose new single,, ‘Sin Eater’ is out today, December 15.

An electronic dance track, with a distinctly retro vibe, ‘Sin Eater’ will cause even the hardest heart to want to throw themselves about with it’s impossible to resist rhythms.

The two members of EtaCas generally work remotely from each other, with their tracks starting out as musical sketches from Rob, including drum, bass, and synth ideas given a rough arrangement. These are then passed on to Jefferson, who adds his vocals, lyrics, and guitar, before returning to Rob, who further adds production, mixing, and mastering. ‘Sin Eaters’ is no different to their other releases in this respect, and despite having very much a disco vibe, is certainly a product of the internet age.

At just over 3 and a half minutes long, ‘Sin Eater’ is upbeat and powerful, with the percussive beats driving forward the mystical and spacey synth rhythms. Jefferson’s distinctive vocals are crisp and clear, call to mind the likes of Peter Gabriel, and even Daryl Hall.

Describing the sound of the song as the “pulsating, bubbling side of disco blended with new order esque guitar lines, combined with a euphoric ‘taking on the world’ style chorus”, ‘Sin Eater’ was written by Jefferson over an initial skeleton track , and tells the story of a someone falling in love with a Sin Eater, someone who takes on themselves the sins of a recently departed person, they “absolve their sorrow” and “take on the weight of a dead man walking”. The storyteller is transfixed by the idea of the person taking all this on themselves and wants to join them in their quest.

“The track was inspired by a family member who told us about Sin Eating, which we found fascinating and thought there was enough here for a song. To write about the ritual wasn’t enough, so we wrote from the POV of two Sin Eaters who are outcast by society and fall in love.”

“When you find someone who supports and understands you, that can give you the strength to believe you can take on the world.”

‘Sin Eater’ is out today and can be streamed and downloaded here. You can find out more about EtaCas and their music online on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and their official website.

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