Pop Duo KIRWAN Release New Single ‘Your Heart Is My Home’

The pop duo and married couple, KIRWAN, have released the second single from their upcoming self-titled debut album. The new single, ‘Your Heart Is My Home’, details how the couple first met in America and fell in love. The duo are some of Ireland’s most promising artists and already have a wide portfolio under their belt before even releasing their first album, collaborating with a wide range of artists over their 3+ years of performing history.

Colm and Caitriona Kirwan are both from Northern Ireland, but first met thousands of miles away, in Nashville, Tennessee, known as the Music City due to its serving as a major centre for the music industry, especially country, which Colm specialises in. They have been based in Tennessee ever since, getting married in January 2020. Just before their marriage, they combined their musical talents – country and pop, respectively – to form the pop country duo, KIRWAN. Fast forward to the present, and the two are still going strong, bringing you their latest single, ‘Your Heart Is My Home’, off of their self-titled debut album.

The song details topics that lay close to their heart – the primary focus is being torn between family/friends in Ireland and dreams/love in America. Caitriona’s brilliant vocals are accompanied perfectly by Colm’s instrumentation, and the duo mesh incredibly well together to deliver a powerful message – no matter where you go, home is in your partner’s heart. This is just a snippet of the music to come – they have a whole album releasing soon, and judging by this song, it’ll be an incredible listening experience that anyone can look forward to.

Visit KIRWAN’s website here, and pre-save their latest song here.

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