Camilla Covington – ‘White Kia’

Sacramento native Camilla Covington has given us the ultimate road trip song in her new single, ‘White Kia’. The calming and relaxing track is perfect for those days when you want to just get into your car and go for a nice long drive to escape all the madness.

Camilla Covington is known for her ability to put her heart and soul into all that she does, and this is evident no less in ‘White Kia’, an indie dream of soft vocals and instrumentals, alongside lyrics that are as raw as her voice is raspy. Covington takes her personal experience with pain, love, and heartbreak, and puts it down on paper, the end result an oeuvre which has seen her sell out venues throughout her home city.

‘White Kia’ takes place in the aftermath of a breakup; there’s still a lot of the other person’s stuff about the place, and the pain of the breakup is still fresh, but you put a tough mask over it and try to move on, but behind the mask is sadness. Camilla’s honest, nearly angry, words are like that, almost subsumed by a blanket of melancholy music and harmonies.

For the ‘White Kia’ video, Camilla sits by the river in a chair, while in another chair, clothes are piled up in the shape of a person. Next she is sitting in the pile of men’s clothing, which later take the form of a man next to her on a bed. She goes roller skating, to take her mind off it all, but she keeps finding herself thinking back to a white Kia…that might be *his*. She’s also seen wistfully contemplating life, while drinking a cup of tea; you truly get the feeling that she wants to move on – or at least feels like she should – but she’s not quite got over it all yet.

Watch the music video for ‘White Kia’ below, and find out more about Camilla Covington and her music online on Instagram.

Camilla Covington "White Kia" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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