Once The Corrupted Hearts Start They’ll Never Stop – Check Out Their Latest Single And Video, ‘We Dug a Ditch & Laid Down’

A hard rocking band from Columbus, Ohio, The Corrupted Hearts are about to shake things up with their new single and video, ‘We Dug a Ditch & Laid Down’. Get ready to be corrupted, because once they start they’ll never stop.

Citing the likes of Deftones, Radiohead, and Elliott Smith as their primary influences, The Corrupted Hearts take their inspiration from the things around them, and for singer/songwriter Bradley Schultz, writing lyrics is a form of therapy for him, with the process of facing repressed emotions, feelings, and trauma proving cathartic.

In the case of ‘We Dug a Ditch & Laid Down’, from their upcoming album, ‘Long Winter Blues’ (set for release on December 1), the inspiration came from an actual ditch. Speaking about the song, Schultz said

“I once laid in the bottom of a 14′ ditch at work, looking up at the sky and feeling a sense of overwhelming peace. It’s very quiet underground. All you can hear is your breath and heartbeat. It reminds you that you came from the dirt. Distractions of the world get the volume turned down.”

From there, Schultz took a guitar riff that he had come up with while doing a TikTok Live. While it’s dark and heavy, it’s still upbeat and high-energy, giving it the perfect vibe to open a live set. This was followed by engineering and mixing in Toronto by Cory Bergeron, who also mixed all the other tracks on ‘Long Winter Blues’.

The music video for ‘We Dug a Ditch & Laid Down’ was directed by The Corrupted Hearts’ drummer, Tom Chacra, and he brings the song to life with a scratchy and sepia toned clip, that feels like it was shot on an old video camera. We see the band rehearsing in a barn, while mysterious women lurk about outside. They’re clearly up to no good, and before long, they’ve made their way indoors, haunting the room and clawing all over Schultz. It’s a great video, and reveals Tom Chacra as a true talent and visionary.

The Corrupted Hearts are set to release their new album, ‘Long Winter Blues’, on December 1, and in the lead up to the drop, they’re doing weekly livestreams on YouTube and TikTok.

You can watch the video for ‘We Dug a Ditch & Laid Down’ below, and find out more about The Corrupted Hearts and their music online on their official website, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Music Video "We Dug A Ditch & Laid Down " by The Corrupted Hearts

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