Josie Cotton Gets Candid With Us Speaking About Her Music

The always stylish and very enigmatic Josie Cotton speaks to us about her music and influences.

What made you want to become a musician?

I don’t actually know. I just felt it so deeply and found it was a way to express the torrent of emotions I had inside me.

Do you find it difficult to write new songs as the years go on, or does it come to you just as easily as ever?

Writing has never been easy for me. But I think I’m more skilled at it now and inspired by more of what I see in the world.

Could you tell us a bit about your creative process?

When I’m at the guitar I’m usually just channeling music with no form. Melodies happen and sections and chords and things that sound like words but aren’t. That’s a more complicated editing process than having a strong title. At least that way you know what the theme is. It end up being like Tetris, which is a different part of the brain than when things are just coming through.

Could you tell us about ‘Painting in Blood’?

It’s an homage to Morriconne and the Giallo horror movies he wrote many of the soundtracks for. I myself am a huge horror fan but thought this genre might be beneath him. Turns out he loved all forms of music. The lyrics were a composite of some of the plot lines you hear in those films which always involve a knife, black leather gloves and beautiful girls being brutally murdered. I basically wrote a melody over his music and very much wanted for him to hear it but he passed away as we were recording it.

What as the experience like directing the music video for ‘Day of the Gun’ with Kent Holmes?

I think I had been co-directing my videos for a while so it didn’t feel any different to me. I’ve become so involved in the story boards, the casting, the styling and the editing. Not sure there’s even a name for what I do but I’m sure I’m annoying as hell lol.

Which line from ‘Disco Ball’ has the most personal meaning to you?

“If you find the secret chord“, in the chorus. It’s a tip of the hat to Leonard Cohen and his song, ‘Hallelujah’, which is the most beautiful depiction of what a songwriter essentially tries to do.

Which venues/cities are your favorite to perform at?

I would say New York City, Washington DC and San Francisco stand out.

What can we expect next from you?

I won’t know till I’m doing it! But a lot more touring in foreign countries.

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