Josie Cotton & Kevin Preston Got A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On With New Rockabilly Single, ‘The Ballad Of Elvis Presley’

The first thing you’ll notice in the video of ‘The Ballad Of Elvis Presley’ is Josie Cotton’s sky-high beehive hair, the likes of which we’ve not seen since the late great Amy Winehouse – or, more likely given the subject matter, Priscilla Presley. But hair like that is a good sign that we’re in for a treat, and Josie Cotton and Kevin Preston certainly don’t disappoint.

Josie Cotton – ‘Ukrainian Cowboy’

Josie Cotton knows that pop music thrives on unlikely combinations. An upbeat, catchy chorus combined with a hip hop bridge shouldn’t work, but it does. But genre bending doesn’t usually cross this far: for her new single, ‘Ukrainian Cowboy’, she blends a twangy baritone guitar and a country-inspired melody with the deep-voiced chants and buoyant rhythms of Russian folk music. It sounds bizarre when written down, but believe us when we say, it works.