Barrington Levy Tells Us That ‘Money Is The Drug’, And We Have No Reason To Doubt Him

Grammy nominated reggae superstar Barrington Levy knows just how intoxicating a big wad of cash can be. Your mind instantly fills with all the things you can do with it. The dopamine rush causes your pulse to race and your body temperature to increase. It literally is a drug, and he spares no expense in telling us this in his music video, ‘Money Is The Drug’.

Barrington Levy is one of the true legends of reggae, and he always has something to say that’s worth listening to. Starting out in the late 70s with The Mighty Multitude, the singer songwriter and entrepreneur from Clarendon, Jamaica has been an outspoken presence, wherever he goes, whether that be on top of the charts both sides of the Atlantic, on his world tours, performing at no less than Glastonbury, and in his collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Shyne, and Prince Paul. He’s even made Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the greatest voices of all time.

New single, ‘Money Is The Drug’ is yet another track that his legion of fans will embrace wholeheartedly, and its contemporary sound will also appeal to a wider audience, who may not yet be familiar with Levy and his music.

The music video for ‘Money Is The Drug’ will leave you in no doubt as to the convictions of Levy’s observations. Dollar bills are rolled up and stuffed into a syringe, providing an incredibly powerful metaphor for the lyrics. But he goes even further as the money junkies mainline it straight into their veins, while others take it via an IV and drip. All the while, Barrington Levy strides through the clip, speaking his truth and encouraging us to take heed of his words. A man attends a “treatment” clinic and after having money pumped directly into him, he finds he’s suddenly got a briefcase full of cash. Instead of being careful, he runs off, with dollar bills strewing behind him as he goes. A nurse, concerned at his behaviour, watches as he leaves, but instead of stopping him, she picks up the dropped bills and disappears.

Watch the music video for ‘Money Is The Drug’ below, and check out more about Barrington Levy and his music online on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Money Is The Drug Official

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