Russia’s The Sextape Are No Fools With Their New Rock Single And Video, ‘Queen Of The Fools’

Although they’re from Russia, The Sextape are certainly not in favour of how their government is handling things, particularly with regard to the illegal invasion of Ukraine, and their stance has threatened their careers, their freedom, and their very lives. When Russia first attacked Kiev, The Sextape made their move: first from Moscow to Turkey, and then on to Argentina. Led by frontman Alexander Shterle, The Sextape have played with musicians in each country they’ve been to, but finding a permanent lineup has been a challenge, due to a variety of reasons, including immigration restrictions. Regardless of this, they’ve still managed to make incredible, combative, rock music which reflects the turbulent state of the world as they know it and the restlessness of the lives they’re leading.

‘Queen Of The Fools’ is an extraordinary song, and it took extraordinary musicians to make it. It’s a rallying cry of the sort of song that gets an entire crowd standing on their seats, shouting, and clapping along. Taken from the band’s debut album, ‘Prelude’, ‘Queen Of The Fools’ is the standout track from an album that’s managed to be a streaming hit with more than 100K streams across all platforms – all without any press coverage. Wherever they go, The Sextape have struck a chord with the locals, and found a legion of dedicated fans.

With a track as dramatic as this one, it was necessary to have an equally dramatic video, and director Roman Safin has certainly come up with the goods. Filled with all the drama, charm, sexuality, and dark beauty of the song, the clip for ‘Queen Of The Fools’ was shot in Istanbul, using the glamorous but gritty nightclubs of that city for its set. Just like The Sextape, the video also brought together a group of professionals from a range of countries – Russian actress Lera Shtuovskaya played the main character, while Turkish actor Resit Berker Enhos performed the role as the second victim. There’s also a cameo from non-binary model @achcaan (he/they), who took part with his husband. Other crew members – cameramen, lighting artists, production artists, and so on, had worked with high-profile acts with budgets to match, but were eager to work with this independent band and their insatiable drive and desire to create.

The story follows a gorgeous young woman at night, as she traverses dim corridors and poorly lit dance floors. She’s trying to avoid being captured, and she keeps changing outfits, while luring dangerous men into compromising positions. The footage is then drowned in electrifying club lighting, ensuring the scenes are kept ambiguous. We are left unsure as to whether or not we should cheer on the thief, as she steals the assets of her unwary prey, or should we condemn her for her ruthlessness? Watch right through to the end as the tale takes a few twists and turns – and one that proves to be heartbreaking.

Watch the music video for ‘Queen Of The Fools’ below, and catch up with The Sextape and their music online on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

The Sextape - Queen of The Fools (Official Music Video)

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