Pop Group FORAGER Releases Debut Album ‘Pipedream Firewood’

Today, the American pop group FORAGER released their debut album, titled ‘Pipedream Firewood’, on major digital streaming platforms. The eight-track album will be the group’s first major project since their formation in 2021, and follows up the group’s two year run of releasing singles and touring their local area, where they packed local venues full of fans and raised the roof with their energetic anthems.

As previously stated, FORAGER were formed in 2021 in Brooklyn, NY, where they’ve been based ever since. The group quickly gained notoriety for their genreless sound, owing to the members’ different individual styles contributing to the music in different ways. The band describes their style as “kaleidoscopic pop”, a unique fusion of pop and elements of other genres the members have experience with, such as R&B, rock, jazz, etc. All these elements fuse to create a pleasant mix that subverts expectations at every turn, with every song sounding unique and covering a different topic.

Their latest album, ‘Pipedream Firewood’, exemplifies this uniqueness perfectly. The album never defines itself by a single genre, cycling between the group’s “kaleidoscopic pop” style and other genres within songs. Each of the eight tracks demonstrates its own unique sound, with its own twists and turns put on it to create a new listening experience. FORAGER’s music has been praised by local and global listeners alike, and serves as a window into a new genre of pop – the innovative kaleidoscopic pop scene. This music is the kind you can only form an opinion on by listening to it, which you can do by following the links below.

Visit FORAGER’s Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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