Lemonhaze – ‘Morning Sun’ Set For Release 30 October

Paisley band Lemonhaze started 2017 in a big way, supporting Paolo Nutini at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay event. Since then, they’ve recorded a new single, ‘Morning Sun’, and are about to embark on a Scottish tour. ‘Morning Sun’ is set for release on October 30.

With influences as wide ranging as Echo And The Bunnymen, The Smiths, The Cure, and New Order, Lemonhaze have released four singles, 2 EPs, and found themselves playing alongside indie legends Cast, Lightning Seeds, and huge names such as Paolo Nutini, and Tim Burgess. Lemonhaze blend contemporary indie pop, along with hints of 80s style new wave.

‘Morning Sun’ is set for release on 30 October, and is the follow up to their hugely popular previous release, ‘Mercury’, which came out in 2016. The latter track was used for the Edinburgh Hogmanay Show Reel, and has also received extensive radio play, as well as fantastic reviews.

Mixed and produced by fellow Paisley artist Gianluca Bernacchi (The Vegan Leathers), ‘Morning Sun’ gives a new direction and soundscape for the band, and highlights their diversity and ability. Lead guitarist and vocalist Steve Hillcoat explains,

“I had the idea for the 2 rhythm guitars that appear in the verses for a few months. I felt the way they bounce off each other was pretty cool…The chord progression and riff on the chorus came about after a few nights sitting in my bedroom strumming out ideas on my acoustic”. “Lyrically,” he adds, “it’s a song about how I was feeling at the time. Frustrated with life, the band…existence?. “The line in the chorus.. [How long can I run from the light of the morning sun?] is a question to myself asking, how long can I go on avoiding life’s problems? Then the following line [it’s rising over my head, this time I can feel it burn.] is the realisation that I have to face up to what life has dealt me and allow it to either tear me down… or make me a better person”.

Lemonhaze will be performing a number of shows across Scotland to support the release of ‘Morning Sun’, including McEwan’s Party at the Palace 2017; EQHQ Livingston; Broadcast Glasgow; Ardrossan Music Festival; Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh; and Greenroom Perth. More dates are yet to be announced.

Check out Lemonhaze on Twitter, FacebookGoogle +, and their official website. ‘Morning Sun’ will be available on 30 October to stream and download on all major platforms.

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