Legendary Guitarist Andy Taylor Announces First Solo Album In Over 30 Years

Yesterday, legendary guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Andy Taylor announced his first solo album release since ‘Dangerous’ in 1990. The new album, titled ‘Man’s a Wolf to Man’, will be releasing on the 8th of September, 2023. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor has suffered through a number of disheartening events, including his prostate cancer diagnosis – events that he documents on several songs.

Taylor’s five-decade long career started in the mid 70s, when he started learning how to play the guitar, and received tuition from Dave Black (best known as the guitarist for Goldie). Later on in the decade, Taylor would begin touring around Europe with several different bands, before taking a train ride down from his home town of Tynemouth to Birmingham in April 1980, where he would meet, and eventually join, Duran Duran. Although Taylor’s time with the band is relatively limited compared to his other bandmates, he still had a great impact on their identity for the better part of four decades, an impact they felt even after his departure in 1986. After decades of work with so many legendary acts, Taylor seeks to expand his brilliant career with what could be his final masterpiece – ‘Man’s a Wolf to Man’.

What little we currently know about the album comes from Taylor himself, in a short summary of what the album will be like. The title of the album (and the track named after it) suggests how quick men can turn on each other – something Taylor has had plenty of experience with through living in America for so long, seeing men act in a similar manner to wolves towards each other. This isn’t the only topic on the album though – more cheery, upbeat anthemic pieces are available to lend your ears to, such as the country rock duet, ‘Try To Get Even’, with Tina Arena, or the funky piece, ‘Reachin’ Out To You’. It’s got a song for everyone

Pre-save the new album here (releases September 8th).

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