Latest Single, ‘Don’t Wanna’, Launches Empowering Journey Of Hip Hop Artist, Mz Burn 

Set for release on August 11, ‘Don’t Wanna’ is the latest single from rising Australian rapper, Mz Burn. Written for anyone who’s taken been the victim of an abusive relationship, Mz Burn takes a stand and by way of a spicy trap beat and organ-like synths, she expresses her message of defiance.

‘Don’t Wanna’ is available to pre-save here.

With feisty lyrics that show she means business, Mz Burn sings,

“It’s as if you treat me like your prey, Wear me down til I obey, You won’t change your mind for nothing, Or be happy for me no way, I Don’t want to, I Don’t want to, I Don’t want to F..”

With a flow that is fast as it is assertive, Mz Burn’s words are cut off before she is able to complete her line, dramatically indicating the predatory nature of the relationship. It’s sinister and somewhat menacing, and gives the full effect of what those caught up in abusive relationships are going through.

‘Don’t Wanna’ is the first release from Mz Burn’s upcoming EP, which is set for release later this year. Speaking about the EP, she says,

“The purpose of this EP is to take the listener on a journey of overcoming emotional anguish brought on by abuse of power…I hope to connect with people living in abusive relationships and be a spark of hope that may help them find a way out”.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Mz Burn lived for 3 years in the Bolivian Amazon, where she worked tirelessly rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife from the illegal pet trade, with species such as monkeys, jaguars, ocelots, and pumas. She had at that time felt she’d found her life’s work, but things took an unexpected turn when one of her closest friends took their own life, and Mz Burn felt it was time to take a different direction, and in 2019 she left the jungle and returned home to grieve.

Although she had planned to return to Bolivia, and even had a return flight booked, she instead, once again, turned her life on its head and decided to take a different path. This time, she left everything behind her and moved to Canberra in 2020, where she moved in with her best friend, and enrolled to study for an Environmental Studies and Biological Anthropology degree.

Her life took yet another turn, when she found the world of music, and enrolled in an “Introduction to Music Technology” course, and discovered she had a talent for music production. At this point it’s clear that Mz Burn’s life is a series of fortuitous events; a chance encounter with an American professor, who was impressed by her natural talent, and encouraged her to pursue her love for hip hop. With the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic, she was persuaded by the professor to invest in recording gear and a laptop, and she began learning and creating music from her own space. From here she joined the Women in Music Mentorship, a which helped her to build up her confidence.

‘Don’t Wanna’ is out on August 11. You can find out more about Mz Burn and her music online on InstagramFacebook, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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