Isaac Butler Releases Newest Single ‘On The Run’

Last month, on July 28th, Irish artist Isaac Butler released the highly anticipated single, ‘On The Run’, across all major streaming platforms. Butler has been hard at work through 2022 and 2023, touring across most of the Emerald Isle, including several sold-out venues and collaborations with various artists, with the most notable being him supporting Lyra at Rock Against Homelessness at 3Olympia Theatre in Dublin.

The rising pop rock artist wasn’t always a star. Before he was getting millions of streams on Spotify and touring his home of Ireland, Butler was just a guy who had a passion for music – something that changed when he first debuted on the scene with his first song, titled ‘Moon Song’, in 2018. Ever since then, he’s been rapidly rising in the Irish scene, getting tens of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify and plenty of acclaim from national and global critics alike. Butler’s latest single, ‘On The Run’, is a perfect demonstration of the singer-songwriter’s style.

A gritty song featuring an ensemble of electric guitars and thumping drums, ‘On The Run’ is the kind of song you’d find as an example in the dictionary for the definition of pop rock. The brilliant instrumentation of the song is just one half of Butler’s great composition – his awesome vocals and lyricism compose the other half, and make the song feel whole. The song is an incredible, high energy anthem worth a listen to, and will most certainly be part of Butler’s performances when he goes on tour later this year – including a performance at the Academy in Dublin, on the first day of December.

Listen to the song on Spotify and follow Butler’s Instagram and Facebook.

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