From Ashes To New’s Latest Album, ‘Blackout’, Hits Charts

Released last week, the group’s newest album has already topped several iTunes and Spotify charts worldwide, with its lead single, ‘Nightmare’, being equally as successful. The new album was conceived as a prequel of sorts to their first album, ‘Day One’, which released in February 2016, and shows the band’s stylistic evolution since the release of their 2013 self-titled debut EP.

Forming in 2013, the group quickly got to work on their first release, the aforementioned self-titled EP, plus their first single, ‘My Fight’. Their works since then have received critical acclaim and a varying amount of critical success, with ‘Day One’ and ‘The Future’ (released April 2018) charting on the Billboard 200. In 2020, the band’s work stagnated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a much longer delay between their third album, ‘Panic’, and ‘Blackout’. Part of ‘Blackout’ details the complications the pandemic caused for members of the band and others related to them.

The band’s sound has drawn constant comparisons to Linkin Park, with a similar style of nu metal sound shared between the two bands. However, the twelve-track long LP was developed completely organically by the band, with no traces of outside influence, and this shows itself in the music – this is some of their best, most creative sound yet. The band is also touring the new album through the later months of 2023, in major cities and towns through America, and will trek across dozens of states to promote ‘Blackout’ – something you can learn more about below.

Buy tour tickets here and stream ‘Blackout’ here.

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