Canadian-Nigerian Rapper DAX Releases ‘What Is Life?’

Last week, Canadian-Nigerian rapper and recording artist DAX released his latest work, the EP ‘What Is Life?’, across streaming platforms. Following up the success of his 2022 single ‘Dear Alcohol’, which became platinum-certified, and the release of ‘God’s Eyes’, the seven-track EP encompasses a wide variety of topics DAX has had experience with over the past couple years – including the titular question about life.

Born in Newfoundland and Labrador to Nigerian parents, Daniel Nwosu Jr. had his first experience with music in his teens, when he started writing poetry. After impressing several of the students at Newman University with his writing, Nwosu decided to put his poetic knowledge into writing rap lyrics, and started recording music under the name DAX. Debuting in 2017 with the mixtape ‘2pac Reincarnation Vol. 2: As Told By DAX’ on SoundCloud, DAX quickly rose through the music industry, and soon found himself touring with rappers like Tech N9ne and performing with OT Genesis and Futuristic. His first major success came when ‘Dear Alcohol’ released in 2022, which soon became platinum certified – now, he seeks to replicate that success with ‘What Is Life?’.

Featuring seven tracks, including the aforementioned ‘Dear Alcohol’ and a music video for opening track ‘The Abyss’, the new EP may be some of DAX’s most experimental work yet, pushing the boundaries of what’s considered hip hop, while sounding brilliant all the way through. The tracks are DAX’s answer to the EP’s eponymous question, with every track symbolising the definition and importance of life in their own way. Heavy, hard hitting lyrics are to be expected, alongside awesome production (as always). Alongside the new piece is an accompanying tour to show it off – starting in September, going across two countries in two months. You can learn more about that, and listen to the EP, through the links below.

Stream ‘What is Life?’ here, check out DAX’s tour here, and watch the music video for ‘The Abyss’ here.

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