Brooklyn’s SERIOUS VOICE Comes In The Name Of The Lord With New Single, ‘KILL THA KING’

Based in Brooklyn, rapper SERIOUS VOICE isn’t in the business for the money, fame, or even the love of it; rather she’s in it to speak her truth, and offer praise to God, and bring others to salvation.

Real name Brigitte James, SERIOUS VOICE had a hard home life growing up, but found peace and solace in her faith, and in the example of those bold black female rappers, such as Queen Latifah. After the release of her debut single as SERIOUS VOICE, Brigitte started making a name for herself in the New York rap scene, where she honed her skills in performances across the city, and released her debut album, ‘Shofar’, which included the track, ‘Whoa’. This landed a spot on Spike Lee’s Netflix series, ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ – from there, the rest, as they say, is history: she performed at SXSW on Sway in the Morning’. and gained a following that related to the homage she raised to the strong women in her life, with her 2021 album, ‘Beautiful’. SERIOUS VOICE is set to release her new EP, ‘Back2Basics’, later this year, featuring her new single, ‘KILL THA KING’.

The track takes the warnings about idolatry found in the Book of Samuel, and with subtlety and coolness, she almost unnoticeably calls out our modern “kings”: the substances and processes we worship and go to for salvation, like alcohol, sex, and validation. The track has a hook you can’t ignore, and SERIOUS VOICE additionally shows us that if we don’t kill these kings, we will be enslaved by them.

The music video for ‘KILL THA KING’, directed by Kareem Caines, is set in Miami Beach, where we take a walk with SERIOUS VOICE through scenes of temptation, drunkenness, and social flaunting. She’s in no way critical of the people involved, yet at the same time she calls out the meaninglessness of the praise we offer to these hollow gods. Director Caines holds nothing back in the depiction of those things that bedevil us, allowing the viewer to confront their vices against the context of SERIOUS VOICE’s powerful words.

Watch the music video for ‘KILL THA KING’ below, and find out more about SERIOUS VOICE and her music online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.


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