HIT ALERT: Hilary Roberts ‘Euphoria’

In dark moments, our brains often reminisce over childhood memories, the innocent, no responsibilities, and the freedom to live without societal oppression. Craving the euphoric feeling of living in the moment lays the foundation for Hilary Roberts’ latest single ‘Euphoria’ released via her own record label Red Songbird. 

‘Euphoria’ is Roberts’ first offering of the year and proof of her life mantra to cherish every single moment we get to live, breathe, and walk this Earth. Its vibrating club beats automatically present a euphoric experience of a melodic chorus and exhilarating lyrics.  

“I wanted this song to bring the listener back to a place of pure joy. That euphoric carefree feeling of being a kid again and finding the beauty in every moment,” Hilary Roberts says.

Hilary Roberts discovered her voice at a very young age after initially feeling inspired watching the play – Amie. Since then, as a 10-year-old, she began competing in talent shows and singing competitions. 

Today, Hilary Roberts brought her passion for singing and commitment to philanthropy together with hopeful records and used her resources to aid others in finding hope, healing, and transformation via her Red Songbird Foundation. 

Listen to ‘Euphoria’ out now and be inspired. 

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