House Party Lands: This Is The Sound Of Neon Dreams…

Neon Dreams are the exciting new electro-pop band on the scene, taking the musical landscape by storm.

“I want to be the soundtrack to the next generation,” Kadillac proclaims. “I’m not writing for a bunch of cool kids. I’m writing for the kid sitting in the hallway eating lunch; the kid that has the perfect family but just doesn’t fit into it; the people who feel out of place.”

He relays this message every time he’s onstage. Even live it’s just him and Morris, though he says they exude the energy of a six-piece band. That sense of solidarity has resulted in fans opening up to him about Neon Dreams helping them through their darkest days.

“This is why I’m here,” Kadillac says, recalling the first time a fan told him they found solace in his music. “I’m not going to force people to live a better life, but when they want to feel better they have a place to go.”

With latest track, ‘House Party’, this exciting new duo plans to do exactly that, with an honest and gritty outlook on life, balanced with the desire to have fun all the same. You can listen to House Party now.

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