EDM Artist Handshake In Space Releases New Single ‘Nobody Else’

Earlier this month, on July 21st, the anonymous EDM artist Handshake in Space released their latest single, ‘Nobody Else’. Featuring fellow artists Bouingy & Linnsy, the song is a dynamic, energetic mix that can get anyone dancing to the beat and keep them entertained up until the very end. The artists have made an awesome collaboration here, reaching new heights in the EDM genre and producing a unique sound.

Handshake in Space is an energetic, enigmatic EDM producer hailing from Sweden. Not much is known about the anonymous artist, but the Stockholm sensation has gained a reputation for their talented production and DJing through the years. The equally enigmatic Bouingy and Linnsy, who also hail from Sweden, have also been working hard and building up a reputation in the Swedish scene, leading to a collaboration between them and Handshake in Space – their latest work, ‘Nobody Else’.

The song is an energetic, infectious mix that carries a great sense of rhythm and energy, which anyone can start dancing along to. The trio have combined their individual talents in a brilliant manner to create an epic, catchy song that stays in your ears even after it ends. Handshake in Space has outdone their previous work again with ‘Nobody Else’, and only continues to improve – you can look forward to their upcoming works and keep up to date on them with the social media links below.

Listen to ‘Nobody Else’ here and check out Handshake in Space’s Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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