North Carolina Singer Songwriter Andrew X Carries The Torch Of 80s Pop Rock In His Single And Video, ‘Miracles’

With the video for ‘Miracles’, Andrew X is able to perfectly capture the quality and humour so popular on the music videos from the 80s – back at the very beginning of the MTV era. Not only that, he’s also been able to emulate the musical and singing style of artists whose heyday was back then too – think Richard Marx, Corey Hart, and Bryan Adams.

He’s certainly paid plenty of attention to detail in the clip, not just replicating the aesthetic of the time, but also producing it with such clarity and attention to detail that it’s pretty much impossible to tell it apart from the real thing. And this is what sets Andrew X apart from those who might try to imitate the 80s style: he’s not copying it, he’s carrying the torch. With gorgeously melodic and optimistic music, Andrew X shows that he not only loves the soft pop-rock music of the 80s, he totally understands it as well. The video for ‘Miracles’, directed by Luke Pilgrim and Brad Kennedy, harks not just to the MTV of the 80s, but also to the films we loved – ‘Pretty In Pink’, ‘Sixteen Candles’, and ‘Mannequin’.

‘Miracles’ is the centrepiece of Andrew X’s album, ‘Driving At Sunset’, a full-length that serves as a brilliant introduction to the artist as a pop-rock traditionalist. Produced by Matt Goldman and mixed by Mark Needham, the album has been given enough muscle to ensure Andrew X’s music will grace both contemporary playlists and those that focus on nostalgia for a time when every movie had a happy ending.

The music video for ‘Miracles’ has a happy ending too. Our hero is obsessed with the hostess of a late night infomercial show, and is so dedicated that he fills his house buying everything she has to sell. He’s the woman of his dreams, but she has her own dreams as well, and she’s determined to not be selling to camera forever. Will our star-crossed lovers find each other? Well, without spoiling anything, you already know they will – but you’ve got to take the journey to find out how. The clip is decorated in 80s colours, the stars are dressed in period fashion, the computers and tvs are powered by Cathode Ray Tubes; even the dial phone is authentic. If you weren’t around to enjoy MTV in its heyday, then this comes a very close second, and for 3 minutes, Andrew X is going to take you there.

Watch the music video for ‘Miracles’ below, and out more about Andrew X and his music online on his official website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Andrew X - Miracles (Official Music Video)

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