McFly Premiere Video For Brand New Single ‘Happiness’

McFly have recently dropped their brand-new music video to coincide with their single “Happiness.” You can now watch this insane music video below:

The boys of McFly never cease to amaze us with their creativity. The official music video for “Happiness” has to be one of the most unique videos this world has ever seen. It perfectly portrays the bands’ craziness. It was directed by Diego Huacuja T – who is a director and visual artist from Mexico City.

Due to the circumstances, we’re currently living in, they were not able to shoot this video in each other’s company for social distancing purposes. Instead, it was filmed on the guys’ iPhones and was directed by Diego via Zoom. McFly was not going to let these restrictions get in the way of creating what has to be their best music video yet!

The band have recently announced that they will be releasing their new album “Young Dumb Thrills” on the 13th of November. When speaking of this, drummer Harry Judd says:

“We want as many people as possible to hear our new music and when we can, we want to go out and play for our fans. But for us, nothing will ever beat being able to hang out with your mates and make amazing music that you love. For us, that’s what McFly is always going to be about.” 

All this McFly news we’ve had recently is overwhelming but in the best possible. Galaxy Defenders are excited to see where this next chapter is going. Be sure to follow McFly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates. “Happiness” is now on Spotify!

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