New Irish Music: Mark Prendergast Of Kodaline Releases New Single And Video For ‘Be Someone’, From His New Project, Man Alive

As co-founder, guitarist and co-songwriter for Kodaline, Mark Prendergast has achieved over a billion streams, three #1 albums in Ireland, two Top 5 records in the UK and played shows all over the world. Now he introduces a new side to his creativity as he shares ‘Be Someone’, the debut single from his new solo project Man Alive. 

‘Be Someone’ is a tender, star-reaching dose of alt-folk which is closer to the realms of Bon Iver and Phoebe Bridgers than it is to Kodaline. Mark’s voice is delicate and precise, whispering around the production like a call from an imaginary friend before gaining strength for its hypnotic hook. Yet within the beauty and spaciousness of the song, his words convey a palpable sense of the inner turmoil that follows the conflict that comes with an unexpected break-up: “Was it a joke when you said you’d be mine?”

Mark says, 

“‘Be Someone’ is about a long-distance relationship falling apart, and how when you’re with somebody, they make you feel like a certain type of person, but then when you end the relationship and you’re by yourself, you always become a completely different person.”

A break-up, followed by lockdown inspired Mark to write, record and produce a catalogue of songs from his home studio.  ‘Be Someone’ is just the first taste of more music to follow that will see Mark touch upon elements that hint at Tame Impala, Harry Styles, Coldplay and a whole lot more.

Mark’s friend Aisling Bea proved to be a pivotal influence for him to take Man Alive to the wider world. He played her an early version of ‘Be Someone’ when they were in Los Angeles in 2021, and her belief in the project really pushed him to make it happen. But all friendships sometimes need a little tough love, and that moment came when Aisling convinced Mark that the name of his original artist alter ego – Blood Type – was “shit and doesn’t match your music.”

Aisling was also present when Mark held a wildly over capacity party at home to launch Man Alive. His six-piece band played (including Josh McClorey, guitarist for The Strypes, Miles Kane and Declan McKenna), while his friends James Vincent McMorrow and Gavin James also performed, with Aisling acting as MC for the night.

There’s plenty more to come from Mark and Kodaline in the future, but Man Alive’s journey is just beginning. While it offers endless opportunities, a few beers, exploring some ideas and writing some good songs is as far as his ambition stretches…for now.

Watch the video for ‘Be Someone’ below, and find out more about Mark and Man Alive and their music, online on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

Man Alive - Be Someone (Official Video)

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