Dannii Minogue Returns With Charity Single ‘We Could Be The One’

Pop fans rejoice! Dannii Minogue returns with new single, ‘We Could Be The One’! All profits from the single to go to LGBT Switchboard.

‘We Could Be The One’ is available to stream and download here.

Global pop icon Dannii Minogue finally returns with new music. ‘We Could Be The One’ is a euphoric 80’s inspired electro-pop track, and the theme song to the BBC’s hit gay dating show ‘I Kissed A Boy’, which Dannii also presents.

Written and produced by uber pop creator Ian Masterson, the track is tailor-made for summer 2023, already winning praise from pop aficionados across the world.

All profits made from the release of the single will go to the charity Switchboard LBGT. Founded on March 4th 1974, Switchboard is the LGBT+ Helpline. They are a safe space for anyone to discuss anything, including sexuality, gender identity, sexual health and emotional well-being.

Switchboard LBGT support people to explore the right options for themselves and aspire to a society where all LGBT+ people are informed and empowered.

Dannii’s music has earned her more than 200 weeks – virtually four years – on the official UK sales chart, selling in excess of seven million records worldwide. She proudly holds the music title ‘Queen of the Clubs’ after scoring a record-breaking 14 Number One dance singles in the UK; more consecutive than any other female artist in the world. 

On 16th June, London Records will be releasing a new 20th Anniversary editions of Dannii’s Top 10 album ‘Neon Nights’.  The #Danniiversary editions celebrate ‘Neon Nights’ with new artwork and liner notes, bonus tracks and b-sides, unarchived mixes and a swathe of newly commissioned remixes. To this day, ‘Neon Nights’ stands up as a compelling set of bonafide dancefloor bangers.

Watch the official video for ‘We Could Be The One’ below, and find out more about Dannii Minogue and her music online on InstagramTwitterTikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

Dannii Minogue - We Could Be The One

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