Olly Murs at the O2 Arena, 29 April 2023. Photo by Daniel John.

The O2 Arena Was Buzzing With Excitement For Olly Murs’ ‘Marry Me’ Show April 29

Scouting for Girls opened with a selection of singles and fan favourites – one particular stand out was ‘Posh Girls’ and featured a fun, swing of audience participation during the lyric “boys at school”. The way the guys led this track through the stage, you would have supposed it to be one of their bigger hits but according to a quick google search, it is just a popular album track!

Olly came on at exactly 8.45pm and the theme around wedding opened the show with the title track of his album ‘Marry Me’ mashed up with the Elton John classic ‘I’m Still Standing’. He lit the stage up throughout the opening set. He was dancing around the stage and was energetic and enigmatic. One thing that Olly has always had going for him is he feels a bit like your neighbour whose got a great singing voice – he’s a cheeky chap. At one point he remarked to the audience “I guess I’m not married yet. Which girl is going to kiss me? Which boy is going to kiss me”. Playful.

There was a touching tribute to Caroline Flack with a rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’, swiftly followed by a slower version of his opus ‘Dear Darlin’. He brought Professor Green out for a remix of ‘Thinking of Me’ and revealed it has been sat on his laptop unreleased for years!

The show was certainly fun and there is no denying that Olly is showman. The theme of the wedding was very noted throughout – the only disagreement one might have is how cover-heavy the show was – there was Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles) at one point, We Found Love (Rihanna). At one point, he did a medley of wedding tracks, which again, it was fun but after already doing so many covers, it felt a little overdone. Especially when some of his own original tracks were omitted ‘Up’, ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ and ‘Busy’.

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