SINGLE PREMIERE: Tammy Mariah, ‘Go Away’

In the realm of pop music, where melodies dance upon stars and emotions find their crescendo, emerges a radiant new talent, Tammy Mariah, a young luminary hailing from Northampton. With her debut single, ‘Go Away’, she paints a portrait of resilience and self-empowerment, an anthem that resonates with young hearts everywhere. You can pre-save ‘Go Away’ here.

Tammy Mariah, a force of nature, wields her voice cutting through the noise and declaring herself with unyielding confidence. “My heart and mind are through with playing your games, so go away,” she proclaims, the veracity of her words echoing across pumping dance rhythms. This pop-opus not only stands as a chart-topping pop sensation, currently residing at a triumphant #7 on the Music Week commercial pop charts, but also anticipates her forthcoming debut album, ‘Enough is Enough’. This musical voyage promises to unravel further the tapestry of self-worth and empowerment that Tammy Mariah weaves.

With a symphony of talent surrounding her, Tammy Mariah has assembled a team of industry luminaries to guide her path. Norwegian Producer Janski, a master of platinum-selling success, lends his artistic prowess to the creation of ‘Go Away’. Together with DJ Movada and Janski, Tammy Mariah crafts a masterpiece that resonates deeply within the core of one’s being. And in the realm of remixes, the enchanting touch of Ruff Loaderz brings forth a dance rendition that sets hearts and feet ablaze.

At 21, Tammy Mariah embodies a wisdom beyond her years. Fully aware of the competitive nature of the industry, she has diligently cultivated a devoted TikTok following, harnessing the power of social media to uplift and engage with her fans. With over 116k followers, her magnetic charisma and boundless talent become undeniable, as she captures the hearts of the masses.

Guided by the luminous footsteps of influential female icons such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Adele, Dua Lipa, and Ava Max, Tammy Mariah traverses the path of greatness, taking notes from the virtuosos who have graced the stages before her. A destiny crafted by her own parents’ hands, her name itself holds the weight of legends—Tammy Wynette and Mariah Carey—imbuing her with the inherent spark of greatness. 

‘Go Away’ heralds the arrival of Tammy Mariah onto the grand stage, where she endeavours to etch her name among the echelons of chart-topping luminaries. This debut masterpiece exemplifies her commitment to crafting high-level pop music while offering a sanctuary of encouragement and empowerment. So what are you waiting for, stream ‘Go Away’ now!

You can find out more about Tammy Mariah and her music online on Instagram, and TikTok.

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