NEW SINGLE: Shab ‘Indestructible’

On Saturday, May 13th, global pop star Shab will join the U.K. super duo Boyzlife on their ‘Old School Part Two’ tour. Before the big kick-off, Shab surprised her fans with a new dazzling release, ‘Indestructible,’ that elevates her signature earworm soundscapes.

Released on May 5th, Shab followed up her mega-successful chain of releases, including ‘Sexual,’ ‘Serenity’ and ‘Dolce Vita.’ Just a fraction of the reach of Shab’s admirable talent, ‘Ssexual’, which opened February 2023 at #2 on the British commercial pop charts as well as #47 on the U.K. Upfront Chart. On top of that, ‘Serenity’ saw Shab on a winning streak, reaching #4 on the Commercial Pop Top 50 Chart.

‘Indestructible’ offers another musical capsule of Shab’s magnificent luring vocals, the perfect medium of passion-charged expression. Shab’s repertoire rides a non-stop hit-making wagon with the magic touch fo her long-time collaborator Damon Sharpe who has previously worked with chart-toppers like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez.

Listen to ‘Indestructible’ out now.

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