‘It Takes Two’: Sharon Hendrix Covers Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston Duet With Long-time Friend And Collaborator, Marvin Robinson

One Easter Sunday, aged a mere two years old, Sharon Hendrix stood up on a pew and sang a beautiful song to both the congregation and choir, receiving her first round of applause, and setting her on a career path that she’s never once deviated from. Since that time, she’s collaborated with the likes of Bob Dylan, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow, and Tom Jones, and many more, making a name for herself as a talented and creative performer. Meanwhile she’s also launched her solo career, which has seen her release a huge catalogue of hits, from sing-along pop, to tear-inducing ballads. The joy and spirit that first showed itself at two years old has never once gone away.

Sharon Hendrix’s latest single, ‘It Takes Two’, sees her revisit her roots. The classic Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston track is the perfect duet for Sharon and her longtime friend and collaborator, Marvin Robinson. The pair croon out the timeless lyrics over a gorgeous arrangement of horns, saxophone, and keyboards, with the vocalists’ sultry voices complementing each other, and showing that it does indeed take two.

The music video for ‘It Takes Two’ shows us Hendrix’s thought process and inspiration behind the song. We see scenes of the pair belting out the song, cutting back and forth with clips of their backing band, as well as shots of Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, dancing to the beat. There’s also clips of other well-known musical couples, before ending with a tribute to Hendrix, and her own partner, Dan Voss Jr. It’s a beautiful tribute to love and friendship, and a beautiful reworking of the timeless classic.

Watch the music video for ‘It Takes Two’ below. 

Sharon Hendrix - It Takes Two feat. Marvin Robinson (Official Music Video)

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