It’s My Party: We Speak With Jason Owens

We recently reviewed Jason Owens’ new single, ‘Party Like You‘, a song about being the happiest when you’re with the one you love. We really enjoyed Jason’s sound and style, and so we decided to ask him a few questions – hope you enjoy getting to know Jason a bit better, as much as we did!

Hi Jason, thanks for speaking to us today!

Thanks for having me on, it’s a pleasure!

Your new single, ‘Party Like You’, is a love song to your wife, and we love it! What would be your ideal party?

You know, just spending time with her – we like to travel and go on vacations and see new things and things like that. She’s a singer in my band too so it’s really cool that she gets to travel with us on the road. So, I guess every day is a party!

How did you get into music? You’ve got a great country/pop sound, but did you ever consider any other genres?

I grew up listening to country music. When I was 10, I heard a Brad Paisley guitar solo on the radio and decided that’s what I wanted to do. I haven’t stopped since. The only other genre of music at the table a little bit is contemporary Christian music. I’m a lead worshiper at my church in town when we aren’t on tour.

Who are your top 3 go-to artists on your playlist, and why?

I’ve got to say Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, and Luke Combs. I really like Brad for his clever writing and guitar skills. I love Kenny’s voice and I’ve just always been a big fan of his music. I’m actually gonna see him in concert here in a few days. And Luke Combs, he is great. He has a unique sound and great writing, and is very relatable.

Similarly, who inspires you musically? And what about your everyday life?

Well, obviously, my wife, Rebekah. Different friends, different past relationships. I grew up in Kentucky, so I’ve been around country music for forever so my home state also really inspires my music.

Have you ever been given a piece of advice that’s seen you through your career, and do you feel like you can share it with us?

Probably just to keep grinding – it’s not easy, and some people’s paths are different. Some people blow up overnight some take years some may never make it but if you do your best be good to people and work harder and diligent at your craft. That’s the best thing you can do.

What’s next for Jason Owens? What fans expect? Touring, new singles, albums, etc.?

So, up next we have a song coming out called, “I’m From Kentucky”. I’m really excited to get this one out and to share it with the world and especially my home state. As far as touring goes, we are all over the place playing a lot in Las Vegas, Nashville, Chicago, Put-N-Bay island, Denver all over the place. We are always excited to revisit places and to go to new places.

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

You know, being a guitar player, I’ve always wanted to do an interview geared towards guitar gear. So, I’ll probably want to be asked what type of guitars we are using on the road. The answer to that is on my electric rig I use Crook custom guitars made by Bill Crook out of West Virginia. Bill also makes the majority of Brad Paisley’s guitars. I’ve been using his instruments for years now. My acoustic is a McPherson carbon, fiber, full body acoustic. I really love this guitar because since it’s made out of carbon fiber, it rarely ever goes out of tune. It’s been a great guitar to travel with. You can ask me anything about guitars or production – I love to talk about that stuff.

Watch the music video for ‘Party Like You’ below, and find out more about Jason Owens and his music online on his official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

Jason Owens - Party Like You (Official Music Video)

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