SONARPILOT Releases Latest Ambient Soundscape From ‘The Mirage Project, Season 2’ – ‘Strange Flowers’

Comprising electronic musician, and digital designer Michael Moppert, multimedia expert, and computer engineer, Roger Maeder, and DJ Jonny Miller, Sonarpilot is a crew traversing the unknown reaches of a sonic galaxy. Their new release, ‘Strange Flowers’, is the latest drop from the ambient soundscape that is ‘The Mirage Project, Season 2’. Strap in – we’re in for an incredible ride.

With a music video to match, ‘Strange Flowers’ is an incredible experience that if you’ve listened to Sonarpilot before, you’ll have a small idea of what you’re in for. The fourth episode from ‘The Mirage Project, Season 2’ is a sonic bath of the purest bliss. Close your eyes and let yourself be fully absorbed by it. Of course, as with all Sonarpilot’s releases, there’s a trippy fractal video to go with it, and you might want to listen again while watching – it’s guaranteed the experience will be even more incredible.

Speaking of ‘Strange Flowers’ Sonarpilot says,

“This Mirage explores a world where nature and biomorphic technology are about to converge. Highly advanced machines embrace the beauty of the natural world in an elegant, post-technological dance, somewhere in the distant future. In the end, however, nature will always surpass artificial structures in its ingenuity and beauty.” 

The accompanying music video for ‘Strange Flowers’ sees Roger Mader offer the perfect visual interpretation of Moppert’s sonic creation. Using his customary fractal style, which never fails to hit the spot, he is able to more than amply convey the meaning of the video, enabling even the most tone-deaf to experience a sense of synaesthesia.

Colours are matched to the mood of the song, with his fractal creations reflecting the intensity and wonder of the music.

Watch the glorious music video for ‘Strange Flowers’ below and find out more about Sonarpilot and their music online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sonarpilot - Strange Flowers (The Mirage Project, Season 2)

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