Qozo Medici Releases Latest Single ‘Qozo The Lord’

Out now, ‘Qozo The Lord’ is the new single from rapper Qozo Medici. The persona is the creation of Brixton based artist, Quincey Black English, and is that of a ruthless king, who serves threats to his enemies within the lyrics.

Quincey Black English has faced many trials and tribulations in his life, not least of which have been murder attempts. But he has survived them all, and has come out on top, and this attitude of confidence and ruthlessness is exemplified in his new release, ‘Qozo The Lord’. He takes his inspiration from King Henry VIII, and this is clear in lyrics such as the chorus of,

“Who can it be? It’s Qozo The Lord,

Take him to the tower, take his head off,

All for pissing me off,

So don’t be pissing me off”

Quincey Black English or QBE for short, is also a prolific content creator, and wrote the hook for ‘Qozo The Lord’ as the intro for his “REAL LIFE TV” podcast and vlogs. The positive response he received on the hook convinced him of its worth as a single, and he crafted it into a full track, and one which fans will have a lot of fun listening to. Listeners to ‘Qozo The Lord’ will note the clear inspiration of The Notorious B.I.G., and that’s no co-incidence, as Qozo Medici takes full inspiration from the late great rapper. With its catchy hooks and laid back vibes, ‘Qozo The Lord’ is certainly a great taste of just what Qozo Medici still has in store, and we’re definitely looking forward to what he’s got coming up next!

Stream and download ‘Qozo The Lord’ here, and find out more about QBE and his music online on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Be sure to also check out REAL LIFE TV on YouTube.

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