Grammy Nominated Singer-Songwriter Ajay Mathur Sings About A ‘Common Mistake’ In New Track From His 2022 Album, ‘Talking Loud’

A citizen of the world, Pop Rock Singer Songwriter and Musical Visionary Ajay Mathur goes from strength with his 2022 album, ‘Talking Loud’. The album is available on limited edition vinyl is available from Ajay’s online store.

A Grammy nominated singer songwriter, Ajay Mathur was born and raised in India, but currently resides in Switzerland. The talented artist blends both pop and rock along with elements of Americana, and using traditional Indian instruments; the end result is a sound that is breathtakingly new and beyond classification.

‘Common Mistake’ is a retro sounding track, making good use of organ and electric guitar, with the instrumentals providing a solid foundation for Ajay’s bold and powerful vocals. It’s upbeat and fun, but with a deeper message. Speaking about the song, Ajay says,

“As a cultural collective we tend to make the common mistake of looking in the wrong direction or assuming that certain things in life are set in stone by the virtue of convention or tradition, when we are searching for meaning. Much of what we focus on is driven by the ideas and distractions that are fed to us by way of upbringing, media, peers, institutions, etc. We feel like we need to conform – buy the right things, have the right job, wear the right clothes, focus on material, fit in even if it doesn’t seem quite right – instead of really taking a good, hard look and discovering what makes us individual, unique and our lives worthwhile. Even if that means being able to stand ourselves outside of how we are expected to behave and think.”

Co-written by Ajay and Mary Lou von Wyl, ‘Common Mistake’ really cuts to the core of that which has somehow become ingrained in much of western society – an attitude of entitlement, self-focus, and fear. The song lays this attitude bare and asks the sometimes (often!) uncomfortable questions, such as:

“Do you fill yourself with fear of all the things you cannot buy?

There’s someone whispering in your ear, about the things that make you high?

Can you ever be alone? Has your desperation grown?

Of all the things we need to shake. Still make the common mistake. Oh no, making the common mistake…”

‘Common Mistake’, along with the rest of ‘Talking Loud’, is available to stream and download here. You can find out more about Ajay Mathur and his music online on his official website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.

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