The Girl Is Mine: Madoa Sankara And Sudan 6ix Join Forces On New Single And Video, ‘That’s That Girl’

Raised in Newport News, Virginia, but now living in Raleigh, North Carolina, Madoa Sankara always remembers the importance of his southern roots, while at the same time establishing strong connections with the hip hop community of Raleigh. You could say that community is at the very centre of his music. He combines lyrics that pack a punch with an undying passion for making a mark in the world, with a sound that combines hip-hop, rap, and R&B.

‘That’s That Girl’ is the latest track from Madoa, and follows on from the fan favourite, ‘City Lights (Raleigh Tribute)’, from his solo project, ‘Witt’. The new single comes from his joint EP with fellow artist and producer, Sudan 6ix, ‘The Poet And 6ix’, and fully captures old school hip hop, while imbuing it with a modern vibrancy.

At the start of their collaboration, Sudan 6ix played Madoa an exhilarating violin sample, as well as some stunning beats, immediately capturing Madoa’s skilled ear. The pair went into the studio without any established ideas of what to lay down, but instead they let the beat speak to them. Madoa expains,

“I’ve always believed that the beat tells you what to say; you can’t tell the beat what to say because it will sound forced.”

This natural flow extends to the music video as well, which is set in a bright and vibrant park. Madoa and Sudan are window shopping as beautiful women cross the field, their flights of fancy expressed through swagger bars and a smooth beat. Will they win over the women of their dreams? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, they have plenty going on in their own imaginations.

Watch the music video for ‘That’s That Girl’ below and find out more about Madoa Sankara and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

That's That Girl

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