Rixh Forever Is ‘Crazy’ With New Video Release Featuring Benny The Butcher And Vado

Although he’s now based in Miami Florida, Rixh Forever was born in Queens New York, and his life experiences from both locations have formed his work. New single, ‘Crazy’, which sees him collaborate with Benny The Butcher and Vado, shows in his hard-hitting, divergent rap lyrics, his authentic experiences of living on the streets.

Rixh Forever’s passion for music began as one he chose only to explore through performances at home for close friends and family. With their encouragement the 28 year old has changed the course of his life by seriously launching his music career. With the hard graft and head-turning bars, Rixh Forever has already caught the attention of the likes of Benny The Butcher and Vado, who were so drawn to his voice, sound, and perspective, that they decided to join in on his project.

The voices of the three artists blend perfectly on ‘Crazy’, making it even more certain that it was the right decision to join forces. Rixh Forever’s tone is strikingly smooth, and leads the verses to choruses with a natural flow. He tells of the importance of being a leader, not a follower, giving a lesson to the younger generation, preparing them for the world ahead. Benny The Butcher and Vado’s voices have more of an edge to them, but nonetheless, the three have distinct qualities that set them apart, and ensuring that no listener will be able to play this song just once.

The music video for ‘Crazy’ was filmed in Harlem, New York, as well as “The Bluff” in Atlanta, Georgia. Both are areas where growing up is tough, and the lyrics of ‘Crazy’ don’t shy away from controversy, while the artists connect with the listeners beyond the lens of the camera. The final frames of the clip share statistics about incarceration rates, serving as a final push from Rixh Forever to listeners to “make it make sense”.

You can find out more about Rixh Forever and his music online on Instagram, and TikTok. Watch the video for ‘Crazy’ below, and let us know in the comments what you think.

Rixh Forever - Crazy Ft. Benny The Butcher & Vado  [Official Music Video]

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