One To Watch: Aliens Don’t Ring Door Bells

For their new music video ‘Big Old Nowhere,’ Aliens Don’t Ring Door Bells land in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The cosmic rock trio aims to encapsulate the single’s societal togetherness with a wide-angle infinite white room symbolising the ‘big old nowhere’ aspect. 

The one-to-watch Bahamas-UK-Spain-based pop-rock formation is in the process of recording and writing hits for their upcoming sophomore album, due to be released in Spring 2023. ‘Big Old Nowhere’ is a second sneak peek of what the Aliens are cooking up as a follow-up to Side A ‘Hello 2 You and Side B ‘Don’t Touch’ singles. 

The Aliens take their craft seriously with thought-out recording schedules and a list of collaborators. ‘Big Old Nowhere’ is a prime example of their efforts to only work with the best at bucket-list locations. It was recorded at London’s iconic Dean Street Studios in Soho and is the first of two songs on the upcoming album produced by Roy Stride of Scouting For Girls. 

ADRD is not slowing down; quite the contrary. Between their rocket launches, they refuel with new energy, sounds, and experiments, ensuring the take-off is out-of-this-world. Join the Aliens Don’t Ring Door Bells movement and stand by until the material is dropped. 

You can watch the ‘Big Old Nowhere’ visuals here:

Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells - BIG OLD NOWHERE (Official Music Video)

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