Don’t Underestimate What You Can Achieve During Quarantine!

Don’t underestimate what can be achieved during quarantine! YouTuber-turned-musician Blanks set to work using his pent-up creativity to write ‘Dance Alone’, a song which has fast become the anthem for lockdown and isolation.

Tackling serious themes and emotions which arise during lockdown – loneliness, mental health and more – in his signature upbeat 80s-inspired way, Blanks provides a voice for many of us cooped up in our houses right now. ‘Dance Alone’ is a song which acknowledges the negativity surrounding lockdown before reassuring anyone listening that we’re all in it together and that we will get through this!

Blanks was essentially forced into a Spotify release of this melancholic-yet-uplifting track about loneliness, boredom and longing for companionship – the circling emotions of lockdown! Originally posted just as some extra YouTube content, it was clear as soon as the video was out that he wouldn’t get away without putting this up on a streaming service before long….

In less than a week, the song hit 75k streams on Spotify, after comments on the YouTube video prompted him to put the song up for grabs on the streaming service. Thank you, Blanks!

Don’t sleep on this song – add ‘Dance Alone’ to your quarantine playlist now!

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