Xiiv’s Frosty New Single ‘Ice cold benny’ Is The Perfect Winter Hip Hop Hit And Video

Set for release this Thursday, December 1, ‘Ice cold benny’ is the new single from Xiiv. He initially called the song ‘Kenny’, and returned to it after two years when he was experimenting with different sounds.

Xiiv, originally from Miami, but raised in Pompano Beach, Florida, had been following his musical dream since the age of 13, when he was freestyling with his friends. It was when he got to high school however that he began pursuing it seriously, and over time he found his tastes changing and maturing, moving away from that which his friends listened to. Instead of the rap his friends were into, he enjoyed listening to blink-182, or The Weeknd.

‘While working my first job, I managed to save up some money to buy a usb mic bubble and the stand that came with it which cost $100 in 2016. My friend who already had a laptop downloaded Audacity to record and freestyle to then upload them on SoundCloud.’ 

Over time, Xiiv discovered his true sound, and applied this new darker, more mysterious style to ‘Kenny’, which he renamed, ‘Ice cold benny’ – taking it from its forgotten status to Hip Hop song of the year. The song takes clear inspiration from the likes of The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Ye, with its dark, drum and bass rhythms, and sparse lyrics. Xiiv feels threatening yet strangely compelling, and this is testament to his incredible talent.

The music video for ‘Ice cold benny’, which can be seen below, features jaw-dropping landscapes in the barren desert while Xiiv recounts his memorable verses and stunning vocals. Using a wide range of angles and effects, the clip proves to be the perfect representation of Xiiv’s lyrics.

‘Ice cold benny’ is out Thursday December 1, and can be pre-saved to stream and download here.

Find out more about Xiiv and his music online on InstagramSpotify, and Apple Music.

KAL TREVV  - ICE COLD BENNY (Official Video)

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