We’re In A Mood To ‘Celebrate’ With Najjah Calibur’s Latest Pop Video!

We get excited when we hear new music from Najjah Calibur! His previous release, ‘I’m Good’, was filled with summer sunshine, and when we later spoke with him, we couldn’t get rid of the smile off our face! So now we present his new release, ‘Celebrate’, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

It’s an exciting time for Najjah Calibur. He’s about to perform at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, as well as host the entire event, which starts next week in Qatar. His enthusiasm is contagious, which has proven him well in his commentating career, and it certainly comes through in his music, as he brings the good times with every note. If ‘I’m Good’ was a party track, ‘Celebrate’ sees him bring the roof down.

An upbeat EDM track with uplifting lyrics, it serves as a personal celebration for Najjah, who has recently become engaged, and welcomed with his fiancée their beautiful baby daughter. But he knows all of us are looking for things to celebrate, and coming out of two years of the Covid-19 pandemic is joy itself. Join Najjah Calibur and take on some of his excitement and zest for life, and sing and dance along to his new single, ‘Celebrate’!

The music video for ‘Celebrate’ is a whole lot of fun. We see Najjah Calibur singing and dancing in a boat, in Toronto’s harbour, on top of a truck in the parking lot, and with crowds of people dressed in bright costumes. We see a lot of his surroundings courtesy of a 360-degree camera vision, which spins and takes in everything. There’s no fear of missing out – we see it all.

Join in the celebration with the music video for ‘Celebrate’ below, and catch up with Najjah Calibur online on his official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Najjah Calibur - Celebrate (Official Music Video)

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