Tamas Bulla Is Having ‘Shower Thoughts’ In Latest Pop Single

Tamas Bulla is one of those artists who knew from a very early age that the arts was the way he was going to go. He’s a singer, songwriter, musician, and actor…and he’s just become a teenager.

At 12 Tamas released the emotionally charged anthem, ‘Out of Time’ which dealt with the harsh realities of childhood and growing up. His maturity in being able to write about such profound themes and experiences sets him apart from others of his generation and demonstrates his ability to connect with audiences on a mature level. Tamas divides his time between learning about music production at his Votech High School and booking acting gigs, while mastering his sound. He still has plenty of time to enjoy being a kid, and he shows this in the music video for ‘Shower Thoughts’, where he’s seen enjoying himself in the pool.

‘Shower Thoughts’ is about those remarkable, and introspective ideas that we have when we are at our most relaxed, in the shower. Tamas Bulla takes the experience of being left alone with our thoughts and speaks to the phenomenon with stunning vocals and incredible instrumentals. He came up with the concept for the video himself, and we see him singing his heart out under the shower, and diving deeply into the backyard pool. Altogether, both song and video combine to emphasise Tamas’ meaning, and elevate his creative vision.

Watch the music video for ‘Shower Thoughts’ below and follow Tamas Bulla online on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Tamas Bulla - Shower Thoughts (Official Music Video)

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