Sonarpilot Opens Up The Box And Releases ‘Pandora’, The Latest Edition Of ‘The Mirage Project’ Season 2

Sonarpilot returns with the latest chapter in ‘The Mirage Project’. Now we’re into the second season of his electronic masterpiece, and ‘Pandora’ sees him delve into the myths and legends of the Ancient Greeks.

Sonarpilot is the pseudonym of Michael Moppert, and we’ve been reporting on his journey since mid 2020, with the release of ‘Fossil’, and ‘City In The Sky’, from the first season of ‘The Mirage Project’. Now for the first time in 2022 we have the opportunity to see how his mind and music have progressed in the past 2 years.

Pandora wasn’t a heroine by any means, but she is certainly someone most of us can relate to. Just like the story of Adam and Eve, where they were told to not eat fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Pandora too was told not to open the mysterious jar (often translated as a box) that had been left in the care of her husband. But who could resist such an object? Surely a little peep wouldn’t hurt. While much of this reeks of the patriarchy – with a woman – as usual – getting the blame for releasing evil into the world – there’s one thing that’s certain, and that is nobody can remember the name of Pandora’s husband, and indeed, her fame has outlasted that of many of the Greek gods, because she represents our most human qualities: curiosity, rebelliousness, and the desire for adventure.

Sonarpilot sees inspiration in Pandora, and pays homage to her in his new release. His entire musical career has been one characterised by exploration, and he maintains that his recordings are actually transmissions from another world. Whether these be from otherworldly sources or from the very depths of our collective human consciousness is uncertain, but what we know for sure is that they are beautiful and mesmerising.

Using analogue synths and vintage drum machines, Sonarpilot is able to tweak out music that sounds like nothing else on earth. Hypnotic and vibrant tracks deserve music videos to match, and he certainly did that with Season 1 of The Mirage Project. For Season 2 he’s continued this journey, pairing his compositions with mind-bending, trippy clips that leave the fractal creations of Season 1 for dead.

Shattered spheres and towering crystals make up a glorious digital landscape that also includes interlocking metallic planes, with distant stars populating the rust-coloured sky. If you were not already transported away by the music itself, the video will certainly take you on that journey. Meditate on ‘Pandora’, and contemplate whether or not she did much harm to the world after all. You can watch the video below.

Sonarpilot is online and you can find out more about his project via his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

"Pandora" by Sonarpilot [Fractal video with music]

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